The Tefaf ended last week but I don’t want to miss out to give you a small glimpse of the objects I have seen there and which were impressing me the most.

We started our tour at the booth of Richard Green. Like the years before this gallery brought a precisely selected assortment of works to the fair. The program of the offered works ranged from 17th century works by Pieter Breughel the Younger to the modern art works of the 20th century, like by Marc Chagall. Beside the work by Pieter Breughel the Younger
please find the photo in the slideshow below – there has been a work by the painter Edmond Georges Grandjean, which had an enormous vibrancy (find the photo below as well). The presentation of the light combined with the large dimensions of the canvas made looking at it a fulfilling moment.

The next step brought me to the stand of the Kunsthandel P. de Boer. There has been a wall full of trompe l’oeil effects. The trompe l’oeil is an effect used in art to fake three-dimensionality. The galerist made a whole wall a trompe l’oeil work by mounting oil paintings into the surface of the wall and faking their sujets with the objects (the real ones) shown on them.
Every curios fair visitor had to stop at this booth to look at this effectful wall (have a look at the slideshow below). Furthermore it was possible to get the detail information about the works with help of a tablet. For me this has been a smart way to design the stand interactively.

At the booth of Connaught Brown I had the opportunity to see the both sides of a Pablo Picasso drawing. One side with a high contrast and the other a bit more gentle. According to the galerist the verso side is preferred by women. It was very kind of him to show us both sides.

As a horse lover I wasn’t able to pass over the bronze of a jockey on a galopping horse by Edgar Degas. The Galerie Berès had this wonderful cast on display. The bronze was conceived in 1865-81 and has been casted after 1919. There are only 22 copies of this bronze. Remembering me of the first film by Edward Muybridge, in which he shows a galopping black horse with a jockey.

The large work by the German painter Hans Hartung was the next stunning work during my tour over the fair. On the photo unfortunately the dimensions are unintelligible, but the aura of the work fascinated me a lot. The Paris based gallery Perrotin had this work in their program. A good choice of an exquisite example of an Informel painting.

My passion for prints, and woodcuts in special, were satified at the booth of the Galleri K. They didn’t have much works, but they have shown woodcuts by Franz Gertsch, which have the largest dimensions I have ever seen a woodcut in. Absolutely overwhelming to not only see the final print, but also to see the wood plates – there were two – the print was made from. I didn’t ask if the plates were for sale as well – but if so, several prints still waiting to be printed.

After a long tour over the fair we ended our visit at the Viennese gallery Wienerroither & Kohlbacher. As every year it was a great pleasure to meet them and also to see the exquisite choice of works by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. The highlight this year was a painting by Pablo Picasso with its solid price of EUR 10.5 mio.

To visit the Tefaf is a very exciting thing for every artlover and collector. The high quality works of the world leading galleries gathered in this small city in the Netherlands is a very special experience. I am looking forward my visit next year.

Anna Avantgarde

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