Art. Collect. Purchase. Painting. Post-War Art. Quality. Gallery. National. Bidding. New Objectivity. Prints. International. Art market. Lot. Abstraction. Art fair. Modern Art. Brushstrokes. Drawing. Estimate. Impressionism. Catalogue. Expressionism. Hammer price.

All these words are music in the ear of an art collector – in the ear of a jungSammler.

The neologism jungSammler is the combination of both German words jung (young) and Sammler (collector).

Anna is the founder of the art market blog jungSammler.

She started her career in the art market in 2014, when she became the Assistant Expert of Modern Art in a Vienna based auction house.

Since May 2019 Anna assume the organization and management of the charity auction KA2019 .

Anna had a passion for the auction market since she was a young girl. With her parents she regularly visited an auction house in her hometown Düsseldorf and there wasn’t anything more interesting than striving through all the paintings, antiques, jewellery and fur coats. Always on seek of the one special piece.

Actually she purchased her first artwork in 2013 – a mixed lot of handcoloured lithographs by the Austrian artist Peter Sengl.

Lifting the paddle gives such an exciting Adrenaline rush. This has been the beginning of her strong passion for the art market and its sometimes unpredictible results.

Up from then she is on the track of the secrets of the market, the prices and the results. The focus is on modern and contemporary art, but special pieces from other centuries are of high interest for her as well.

Contact her via:
Anna Katharina Erdkamp

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